Frank Gounelas Curriculum vitae

Academic Interests: I am interested in algebraic geometry, in particular rationally connected varieties, positivity of bundles and cycles, birational geometry and questions in positive characteristic.

2004-2007: BSc Joint Mathematics and Computer Science - Imperial College London
2007-2008: MSci Mathematics and the Foundations of Computer Science - Oxford University
2008-2013: DPhil in Mathematics - Oxford University
2012: Postdoc - Humboldt University of Berlin
2013: MATCH postdoc - Heidelberg University
2013-2018: Assistant to G. Farkas - Humboldt University of Berlin
2018-: Postdoc to C. Liedtke - Technische Uni München


Research Papers Reading Groups and Seminars:


Conferences/Workshops I attended or that am planning to attend: