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International Research Training Group

GRK 1800

College Seminar

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This seminar is concerned to support the communication among the doctoral students and to develop a scientific interaction with the scientists from the program. 

Moduli and automorphic forms, L-functions & Langlands correspondence
Sommer Semester 2013

The current outline of the seminar. 

Plan of talks
17.04.2013: Niels Lindner

24.04.2013: Rostislav Devyatov
                 Modular Forms

08.05.2013: David Ouwenhand
                 L-functions I

15.05.2013: Miguel Grados Fukuda
                 L-functions II

22.05.2013: Fabian Müller 
                 Hecke theory of automorphic forms and L-functions

05.06.2013: Nicolas Schmidt
                 Representations theory of SL2(R), I

19.06.2013: Christian Wald 
                 Representations theory of SL2(R), II

26.07.2013: Giovanni de Gaetano

                 Automorphic representations of GLn(A)

03.07.2013: Guilia Battiston
                 Local Langlands correspondence for GLn

10.07.2013: Barbara Jung & Banafsheh F-Hariri
                 Functoriality and trace formula

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