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Shimura Varieties

Date: 20th to 22d June 2016

Leiden University
Snellius B1

The study of Shimura varieties is a challenging yet interesting area within algebraic geometry. Nevertheless, they are rarely treated in a mathematical training; this may be partly due to their involved definition. The current crash course intends to fill this gap. Our focus will be on motivation and examples rather than technical details. We have found four excellent speakers willing to teach: Francesca Bergamaschi, Bas Edixhoven, Arno Kret, and Lenny Taelman.

Bas Edixhoven (U Leiden)
Lenny Taelman (U Amsterdam)
Arno Kret (U Amsterdam)
Francesca Bergamaschi (U Leiden)

Erik Visse (U Leiden)
Wouter Zomervrucht (FU Berlin)


Monday, June 20

TimeSpeakerTitle of Talk
12:15-13:00Bas EdixhovenExamples of connected Shimura varieties over C
13:45-14:30Bas EdixhovenHodge structures
14:45-15:30Bas EdixhovenThe André-Oort conjecture
15:45-16:30Lenny TaelmanHermitian symmetric domains

Tuesday, June 21

TimeSpeakerTitle of Talk
12:15-13:00Lenny TaelmanVariation of Hodge structures
13:45-14:30Lenny TaelmanModuli of K3 surfaces
14:45-15:30Arno KretThe adelic definition of Shimura varieties
15:45-16:30Francesca BergamaschiShimura varieties of PEL type

Wednesday, June 22

TimeSpeakerTitle of Talk
13:30-14:15Arno KretClass field theory and zero-dimensional Shimura varieties
14:30-15:15Francesca BergamaschiCanonical models
15:45-16:30Arno KretApplication to the Langlands program
16:45-17:30Francesca BergamaschiShimura varieties in characteristic p
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List of participants

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