40452 Introduction to Quantum Field Theory P22b

The course will be taught by Prof. Dirk Kreimer.

Mon 13 – 15, RUD25 1’013 Tue 15 – 17, RUD25 tbd Exercises Wed 15 – 17, ESZ tbd

Accompanying tutorial (not mandatory)
Fr 11 – 13, RUD 25, 1’327 Topics for the Tutorium:1) Coleman-Weinberg Potential2) Hopf-algebraic structure of Feynman graphs3) Feynman rules in parametric reps4) What are Dyson Schwinger equations?5) What are Cutkosky rules?6) Introduction to path integrals


In the first half of the course, we cover material which for example is also covered in David Tong’s lectures here.

Lecture Notes of a similar course taught in winter 11/12 (notes taken by Bettina Grauel in the fall 11/12, not proofread) are here.

Sydney Coleman’s famous Harvard Lectures on QFT

additional information

First part of a year long course on QFT, for students of physics as well as mathematics.

Part of the theoretical curriculum in the specialization particle physics, also of interest to students of theoretical solid state physics.

Exercises bi-weekly.
The course can be examined in the ‘Wahlpflichtfach Elementarteilchenphysik’.

see Vorlesungsverzeichnis

Exercise sheets

Exercises Download To be discussed at
Exercise 1
pdf November 13 2013
Exercise 2
pdf November 27 2013
Exercise 3
pdf December 11 2013
Exercise 4
pdf January 08 2014
Exercise 5
pdf January 22 2014
Exercise 6
pdf January 22 2014



Solution to Exercise I

Solution to Exercise II

Solution to Exercise III

Solution to Exercise IV

dates for the Orals

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