Feynman Diagrams and the S-matrix

The course will be taught in the summer term by Prof. Dirk Kreimer.

Lecture times: (to be confirmed, first lecture April 18, 1pm, in NEW14, 1’10) Mo 13 – 15 weekly and Wed 11-13 (bi-weekly, RUD25 1’115)
Exercises: Wed 11-13 (bi-weekly, RUD25 1’115)
Independent Tutorial on QFT: Fri 11-13, RUD25 2’006, starting Fri, April 29.

Talks: A.Knispel, D.Prinz on Ch.6, Aspects of Symmetry (Fri, May 20, 27)
M.Golz, J.Purkart on Ch.7 (Fri, June 10, 17)

Times and locations to be finalized in the first week and updated here. Course will be given in english.

The course gives a modern approach to the S-matrix and Cutkosky rules.
It emphasizes the conceptual mathematical foundations underlying perturbative unitarity.

Week of April 25: read pages 1-16 of the paper by Bloch and Kreimer below.



Bloch and Kreimer: Cutkosky rules and Outer Space
Brown and Kreimer: Angles, Scales and Parametric Renormalization
Borinsky: Algebraic lattices in QFT renormalization
Kreimer: The core Hopf algebra
Brown: Lectures on Renormalization