Feynman Diagrams and the S-matrix

The course will be taught in the summer 2020 term by Prof. Dirk Kreimer.

Lecture times: REPLACED BY ONLINE TEACHING (was scheduled as Mo 11 – 13 weekly and Wed 15-17 (bi-weekly, RUD25 0’12)
Exercises: Wed 15-17 (bi-weekly, RUD25 0’12))
Independent Tutorial on QFT: tbd

Talks: tbd

Course will be given in english.

The course gives a modern approach to the S-matrix and Cutkosky rules.
It emphasizes the conceptual mathematical foundations underlying perturbative unitarity.

Starting Week of April 20: read Zwicky: ‘A brief Introduction…’ and Kreimer: ‘Multi-valued…’ as provided below.

Exercises tbd

The Moodle link for this course.


Zwicky: A brief Introduction to Dispersion Relations and Analyticity
Kreimer: Multi-valued Feynman Graphs and Scattering

Bloch and Kreimer: Cutkosky rules and Outer Space
Brown and Kreimer: Angles, Scales and Parametric Renormalization
Kreimer: The core Hopf algebra