40516 Dyson Schwinger Equations and quantization of gauge theories

This course qualifies as P25.1a or P25.1b in the Physics Curriculum and as M35 in the Math Curriculum

The course will be taught in the summer term by Prof. Dirk Kreimer.

The course starts Monday, April 24 as on Wednesday, April 19 there is the Tag der Lehre.


Lecture time Exercises and discussion Independent tutorial
Mo 11 – 13, RUD 25, 1’315 Mi 11 – 13, RUD 25, 1’315
(alternating between lectures and exercises)
tbd, RUD 25, tbd



Anatomy of a gauge theory
Quantization of gauge fields, graph polynomials and graph homology
Hopf algebras in renormalization theory: Locality and Dyson-Schwinger equations from Hochschild cohomology
An Etude in non-linear Dyson-Schwinger Equations

To be covered:


Lecture Notes (script of summer 2013)

Skript (update: October 11th 2013)


An introduction to the Dyson–Schwinger Equations and their use in perturbative and non-perturbative physics, with an emphasis on modern developments in gauge theories.

see Vorlesungsverzeichnis

Old Exercises (do them as training!)

Sheet Download Discussion
Exercise I
pdf 08.05.2013
Exercise II
pdf 22.05.2013
Exercise III
pdf 05.06.2013
Exercise IV
pdf 19.06.2013
Exercise V
pdf 03.07.2013

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