40515 Renormalization, Hopf algebras and the renormalization group

This qualifies as P25.1.a or P25.1.b in the Physics Curriculum, M34 in the Math Curriculum

The course is taught by Prof. Dirk Kreimer.


Lectures start Tuesday, Oct.16 (Monday, Oct.15 is DIES ACADEMICUS)

Lecture time Exercises and discussion Independent tutorial
Mo 11 – 13, RUD25, 1.012 Tue 15 – 17, Rud25, 1’012
(alternating lectures and exercises)
Tutorial (P27): Wed 13-15, RUD25, 1.315 schedule: tbd


A review by Manchon

A review by Kreimer

The parametric viewpoint (Brown and Kreimer)

Skript (notes taken by Lutz Klaczynski, latest update: June 13, 2013)


Kreimer old script


Sheet Download Discussion
Exercise of Dec 18 2018
pdf 15.01.2015

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