40504 Renormalization and the renormalization group P23.1 P23.1.1

The course is taught by Prof. Dirk Kreimer.


Lecture time Exercises and discussion Independent tutorial
Mo 11 – 13, RUD25, 2.006 Mi 11 – 13, Rud25, 1’012
(alternating lectures and exercises)
Seminar and tutorial: Wed 15-17, RUD25, 1.327 schedule: Paul Balduf:Infrared 11/30, Andre Knispel:BRST 12/07,
Mats Vermeeren: Integrability 01/04, Max Muehlbaur, Yoshua Kesting: Wightman Axioms 01/18, Tommaso Salvatori: Topological Field Theory 02/01.


A review by Manchon

A review by Kreimer

The parametric viewpoint (Brown and Kreimer)

Skript (notes taken by Lutz Klaczynski, latest update: June 13, 2013)


Kreimer old script

Actual and past exercises

Sheet Download Discussion
Exercise of Dec 03 2014
pdf 07.01.2015
Exercise I
pdf 19.12.2012
Exercise II
pdf 16.01.2013
Exercise III
pdf 30.01.2013
Exercise IV
pdf 06.02.2013

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