40473 Quantenfeldtheorie II P24.1.a

The course will be taught by Prof. Dirk Kreimer.

Mo 11 – 13, RUD25 1’012, 2’101 Tue 15 – 17,RUD25, 1’012
Exercises and Lecture in a bi-weekly pattern
Accompanying tutorial (not mandatory)
WED 13 – 15, RUD25, tbd.
The tutorium starts Wednesday, April 25 with a discussion of possible topics.

Topics as in 2014.

In the first half of the course, we cover renormalization, multi-loop integrals and non-perturbative aspects,
in the second half we cover quantized gauge fields with non-abelian gauge groups.

Please read ‘Pokorski: Gauge Field Theories’ Ch.3 (Feynman Rules for Yang–Mills Theories) before mid June.

Literature: a good textbook for physicists is ‘Pokorski: Gauge Field Theories’ (Cambridge UP).
Research Articles:
F.Brown, D.Kreimer ‘Angles and scales and parametric renormalization (Lett.Math.Phys.103 (2013) 933-1007).
D.Kreimer, M.Sars, W.van Suijlekom, Quantization of gauge fields, graph polynomials and graph cohomology (Annals of Physics 336 (2013) 180–222).

additional information

Second part of a year long course on QFT, for students of physics as well as mathematics.

Part of the theoretical curriculum in the specialization particle physics, also of interest to students of theoretical solid state physics.

Exercises bi-weekly.

See Vorlesungsverzeichnis

Exercise sheets

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Exercise 1

Mo June 18 2018
Exercise 2
pdf Mo July 02 2018



Solution to Exercise II

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