Bernd Kummer 

Verfügbare   SOFTWARE

1  Diverse Software (TP-, FreePascal) fuer Standard-Algorithmen und zu Lehrzwecken, darunter z.B. Transport, Maximal-Ströme, Schach sowie

2  Matrix Spiele and Lineare Optimierung   cf.

3  Klassische Variationsaufgaben, Nichtlineare Optimierung im Rn   (Stationary points for C1.1 and C2 - problems)

4  Nichtglatte (verallgemeinerte) Gleichungen, nichtglatte Minimierung, Komplementaritätsprobleme

These programs are updated (2019) and available via the collection:

                                           (DOS version)


In "mlop" we also solve the Standard LO Problem

            Max  c x    s.t.   A x <= b  &  x >= 0

via the game with the matrix

       0   - A`     c`
    A      0     -b
    -c     b`     0

with the related strategy-vector   s = ( U , V , t ).
The transformation    x =  U / t   ( primal )    y = V / t   ( dual )
defines solutions of  LOP  provided that  t > 0.
This test version generates solvable problems and requiers integer inputs.

For solving the matrix game a modified version of Julia Robinson's
algorithm is applied. This version is much faster then the original one!

For comparison see program  maspall (in and

September 2003