Literature Seminar

Meets: W 13.15-15.00 in von Neumann 1.023.

Starts: 14.10.2015.


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This semester we'll have a bunch of mini-courses on different topics. The basic idea is to choose papers that:

We'll then have two lectures for each paper (two people per paper) giving background, explaining the proof, and giving applications. We have a pre-approved list of papers, but are welcome to suggestions. If you have a particular paper or a subject in mind, mention it to someone and we'll try to come up with an appropriate paper.

Pre-approved Papers

Lecture topics and notes

14.10.2015: Green--Lazarsfeld I (Ben). Notes.
21.10.2015: Green--Lazarsfeld II (Frank).
28.10.2015: Mumford I (Emre).
04.11.2015: Mumford II (Ignacio).
11.11.2015: Fulton--Lazarsfeld I (Rostislav).
18.11.2015: Fulton--Lazarsfeld II (Irfan). Notes.
25.11.2015: Graber--Harris--Starr I (Michael).
02.12.2015: Graber--Harris--Starr II (Daniele).
09.12.2015: Alexeev--Brunyate I (Ana).
16.12.2015: Alexeev--Brunyate II (Barbara).
06.01.2015: Voisin I (Mara).
13.01.2015: Voisin II (Jeremy). Notes.
20.01.2015: Prime number theorem for Riemann surfaces (Miguel).
27.01.2015: Prime number theorem for Riemann surfaces (Giovanni).