Fachschaft Mathematik HU Berlin

Getting Started for the winter semester 2023/ 24

We, the Mathematics Student Council, are happy to welcome you to the Institute for Mathematics at Humboldt University. For an easier start into student life we made a checklist for your organisation, since most items and websites are in German anyway, you can check out the checklist in German here.

Checklist for Beginners

Task Explanation
HU / CMS Account beantragen Account for any kind of communication (agnes, moodle, email)1
Campus-Card You need to print your student ID. Therefore you need a QR-Code, that you will find on Agnes. More Information and the location of the terminals, can be found here.
Create your own time table on Agnes Read through the German study regulations to know which courses you need to take.
Join our WarmUp in German Highly recommended.
Join the digital welcome event for teacher studies On the 09.October 2023. Recommended for teacher studies.
Join our orientation events in German. To get to know other students.
Welcoming event of the
Institut for Mathematics
On monday, 16.October, at 13:00 o'clock (1pm) in the great lecturer hall in the Erwin Schrödinger-Zentrum (0'115).
math-account This is optional.
Join our student trio The trip is for connection between students, doing our first homework together and having fun.
Join our Maths Discord-Server For connecting between students, but be aware it is in German.
Wifi Eduroam Set up your wifi connection. You can find help here