Introduction to Computer Algebra



Serie Topic return date problems
1. big integer arithmetics zum 5.5.2008 ps file, pdf file
2. euclidean algorithm and speedup zum 26.5.2008 ps file, pdf file
3. chinese remainder theorem and inverses zum 09.06.2008 ps file, pdf file
4. polynomial and rational interpolation zum 23.06.2008 ps file, pdf file
4. polynomial gcd, modular factorization of polynomials zum 14.07.2008 ps file, pdf file

Recommended reading (in addition to the literature)

Basic algebra:
"Lineare Algebra I+II" by H. Grassmann at this university
Another lecture on CAS:
"Algorithmen der Computeralgebra" by M. Sieveking at Goethe-Universitšt Frankfurt/Main
Fast arithmtics:
"Modern Computer Arithmetic" by R. P. Brent and P. Zimmermann
Sparse matrices (reordering methods):
"Ordering sparse Matrices...", part of the Spooles documentation, by C. Ashcroft
Automatic differentiation
"An Introduction to AD" by L. B. Rall and G. F. Corliss


Website at Uni Erlangen with a command/syntax overview of Maple (worksheet file) and introductory examples (postscript)

Fibonacci, Euclid's algorithm,