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International Research Training Group
GRK 1800

Summer School 2015 of the IRTG
"Moduli and Automorphic Forms"
in collaboration with the Università di Siena
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Recent advances in algebraic and arithmetic geometry 

Date: August 24th to 28 th, 2015

Location: Università di Siena, Siena,
(lecture room 101; address: San Niccolò, via Roma, 56)

For the conference room (aula 101), enter in the building and take the second door on the right. Then enter the room through one of the three green doors on the right.

Main Speakers:
Dan Abramovich (Brown Univ. Providence)
Logarithmic geometry and rational curves
(show abstract [here])

Gérard Freixas i Montplet (CNRS, Paris)
An introduction to Arakelov geometry and automorphic forms
(show abstract [here])

Emanuele Macrì (Northeastern Univ. Boston)
Bridgeland stability conditions in derived category
(show abstract [here])

Claire Voisin (CNRS, Paris)
Stable birational invariants and the Lüroth problem
(show abstract [here])


Luca Chiantini (U Siena)
Gavril Farkas (HU Berlin)
Gerard van der Geer (U Amsterdam)
Jürg Kramer (HU Berlin)

Everybody is welcome to participate.

Schedule: [here]

Participants: [here]

Real time news: [here]
Res. De Nicola 9: Via Enrico De Nicola 9, 53100 Siena
Il Refugio: Via del Refugio 4, 53100 Siena

Please refer to e-mail sent 20th of August !!

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