Research Interests
Research Groups
Current Projects
Title Details
Simulation and Control of a Nonsmooth Cahn-Hilliard Navier–Stokes System with Variable Fluid Densities SPP1962 project P13
funding: DFG
Optimal Control of Elliptic and Parabolic Quasi-Variational Inequalities SPP1962 project P11
funding: DFG
Generalized Nash Equilibrium Problems with Partial Differential Operators SPP1962 project P10
funding: DFG
Fully adaptive and integrated numerical methods for the simulation and control of variable density multiphase flows governed by diffuse interface models SPP1506 project 15
funding: DFG
Mathematical Modeling, Analysis, and Optimization of Strained Germanium-Microbridges ECMath Project OT1
funding: Einstein Foundation
Optimal design and control of optofluidic solar steerers and concentrators ECMath project SE5
funding: Einstein Foundation
Optimal Network Sensor Placement for Energy Efficiency ECMath project SE15
funding: Einstein Foundation
Free Boundary Problems and Level Set Methods /
MATHEON project A-AP24
SFB MOBIS subproject
funding: DFG / FWF
Parameter identification, sensor localization and quantification of uncertainties in switched PDE-systems TRR 154 subproject B02
funding: DFG
Past Projects
Project Funding Organization
MATHEON C11 (2003-2014) DFG German Research Foundation
MATHEON C28 (2009-2014) DFG German Research Foundation
MPECs in Function Space (SPP1253) DFG German Research Foundation
Interfaces and Free Boundaries (2006-2013)
FWF Austrian Science Fund
MATHEON C31 (2010-2012) DFG German Research Foundation
FREELEVEL (2007-2014) FWF Austrian Science Fund
Adaptive Finite Element Methods in Constrained Optimal Control National Science Foundation
Efficient Solution Techniques For Constrained Heat Phenomena FWF Austrian Science Fund