Algebraic Geometry II (WS 2021/22)


Prof. Dr. Bruno Klingler

Time and place:

Wed 9am-11am
Wed 11am-1pm
Thu 11am-1pm

The class will start on October 27th, not October 20th; the first week (October 27th and 28th) will be on Zoom


  • The Moodle page for the course is here , you can register there.
  • The Moodle key is AlgGeo.
  • On the moodle page you will find the zoom link for the first week of the class.


    The course continues the study of schemes started in Algebraic Geometry I.
    We will study properties of morphisms of schemes, cohomology of quasi-coherent sheaves on them, and introduce the notion of moduli space.

    Lecture notes for Algebraic Geometry I