Adic and perfectoid spaces

Lectures at HU Berlin, Spring Semester 2019

Bruno Klingler


The goal of this course will be to introduce adic and perfectoid spaces and see some of their applications in algebraic geometry.


The prerequisites for this course are a familiarity with the language of algebraic geometry.

Some references:

  • R. Huber, Etale cohomology of rigid analytic varieties and adic spaces, Aspects of Math., 1996
  • P. Scholze, Perfectoid spaces, Publ. IHES 116 (2012), 245-313
  • P. Scholze, p-adic Hodge theory for rigid-analytic varieties, Forum Math. Pi 1 (2013)
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    Other Information

    Course: Rudower Chaussee 25, Monday 9am-11am 3.008, Tuesday 1pm-3pm 3.008

    Exercise: Rudower Chaussee 25, Tuesday 3pm-5pm 3.008

    Course Language: English