A list of all seminars of interest to us in the area is here:
Event page of the Kolleg Mathematical Physics Berlin

Organised by Dirk Kreimer and his group:
Our research seminar

On Mondays, 15.00
Room 2’07, IRIS Building, Zum Großen Windkanal 6 (Zoom, at present)
12489 Berlin

Winter 21/22

November 22 Andreas Maier (DESY Zeuthen) Binary Black Hole Systems at the Fifth Post-Newtonian Order
November 29 David Prinz (HU) and Alexander Schmeding (Bergen U) Lie Theory for Asymptotic Symmetry Groups in General Relativity
December 13 Johannes Bluemlein (DESY Zeuthen) Polarized and Unpolarized 3-loop anomalous dimensions in QCD
December 20 Erik Panzer (Oxford U) Combinatorial Feynman period invariants
January 17 Marko Berghoff (Oxford U & HU) From gauge theory quantization to independence complexes of graphs
January 24 John Gracey (Liverpool U) Infrared propagators in QCD
January 28(!) Gabriele Travaglini (Queen Mary) QFT Kolloquium: From scattering amplitudes to Newton’s potential and beyond
February 07 Christoph Nega (Bonn U.) Calabi-Yau Manifolds and Feynman Integrals — The Family of Banana Graphs
February 14 Dirk Kreimer (HU) Bananas: multi-edge graphs and their Feynman integrals
February 18(!) Maxwell Hansen (Edinburgh U.) QFT Kolloquium: tba
February 21 Michael Borinsky (ETH Zürich) tba
Summer 21

April 19 Rene Klausen (HU) Kinematic singularities of Feynman integrals via GKZ hypergeometric systems
April 30 14:00 QFT Collquium: Emanuel Malek (HU) Exceptional Field Theory and applications to the AdS/CFT correspondence
May 03 David Prinz (HU) Gravitational Slavnov–Taylor Identities and Hopf Ideals
May 10 Johannes Thürigen(Münster) Algebraic structure in renormalization of combinatorially non-local field theories
May 17 Marko Berghoff (Oxford and HU) The analytic structure of parametric Feynman integrals
May 25 Physics Inst. Colloquium Laurent Lellouch (CPT) Muon g-2: experiment, standard model and lattice quantum chromodynamics
June 07 Alexander Schmeding (Bergen, Norway) Character groups of Hopf algebras from renormalisation as Lie groups
June 14 John Gracey (Liverpool) The Wess-Zumino model at five loops
June 21 Walter van Suijlekom (Nijmegen) Higher Chern-Simons and Yang-Mills forms in the spectral action
June 25 at 2pm QFT Kolloquium: Lorenzo Magnea (Torino U.) The infrared structure of perturbative QCD
June 28 Gudrun Heinrich (KIT) Multi-loop integrals and asymptotic expansions
July 05 Ben Ruijl (ETH Zürich) Local Unitarity: a representation of differential cross-sections that is locally free of infrared singularities at any order
Winter 20/21

Nov 16 IHES Conference: Algebraic Structures in pQFT
Nov 23 canceled -
Nov 27 QFT Kolloquium: Harvey Meyer The hadronic contributions to the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon
Nov 30 Loic Foissy Twisted Hopf Algebras
Dec 07 Raimar Wulkenhaar (Münster) tba
Dec 14 Ali Mahmoud tba
Dec 16 14:00 QFT Kolloq: Johanna Erdmenger tba
Jan 11 Gerald Dunne tba
Jan 18 Michael Borinsky (NIKHEF) tba
Jan 25 Paolo Benincasa (NBI) tba
Jan 29 QFT Kolloquium: Pierpaolo Mastrolia tba
Feb 08 Alex Hock (Muenster) tba
Feb 26(!) Gaetan Borot (HU) QFT Kolloquium
Summer 2020

May 04 Michael Borinsky (NIKHEF) Fast Feynman parametric integral evaluation via tropical sampling
May 11 Konstantin Wernli (Notre Dame) (Generalized) Hamilton Jacobi action in QFT
May 18 Henry Kissler (HU) A diagrammatic anatomy of quantum EH gravity
May 29(!)13:30 QFT Kolloquium: Giulia Zanderighi (MPI Munich) Precision at the LHC: why and how
June 08 Ralph Kaufmann (Purdue) tbd
June 15 Yvain Bruned (Edinurgh) tbd
June 22 John Gracey (Liverpool) tbd
July 06 Kurusch Ebrahimi-Fard (NTNU, Norway) tbd
July 14(!) KMPB Day! tbd
Winter 19/20

October 21 Marko Berghoff What is a graph complex?
November 04 Johannes Brödel Amplitude recursions with an extra marked point
November 11 Olaf Müller Loose ends in quantization
November 18 Johannes Thürigen / WMU Münster Locality in combinatorially non-local field theories: the Hopf algebra of 2-graphs
November 25 David Broadhurst / Open Univ. Triangle, kite and tetrahedron diagrams
December 02 John Gracey /Liverpool Bilinear quark operator renormalization and $\gamma^5$
December 09 Marko Zivkovic / Univ. Luxembourg Graph complexes: quasi-isomorphisms and extra differentials
December 16 Karen Vogtmann /Warwick Univ. Outer space for right-angled Artin groups
Summer 19

April 01 Mathias Schulze (U.Kaiserslautern) Polynomials associated to graphs, matroids, and configurations
April 10 KMPB Day c2 invariant meets rook theory
April 15 Karen Yeats (U.Waterloo and HU) K5
April 29 Ian Jack (U.Liverpool) The a-theorem, scheme invariants and Hopf algebras
May 06 Andreas Maier (DESY-Zeuthen) Binary black hole systems in a non-relativistic effective theory
May 17 (!) Eran Palti (MPP, Munich) The Swampland and Emergence
May 20 Dirk Kreimer (HU) Invariant Periods
May 27 Marcel Golz (HU) tba
June 03 QFT Colloquium tba
June 17 John Gracey (U.Liverpool) Constructing infrared gluon propagators using gluon mass and Gribov copies
June 24 Konstantin Wernli (Zuerich U.) On Locality and Renormalization in perturbative QFT
July 01 QFT Colloquium tba
July 08 Julian Purkart(HU) tba
Winter 2018/19

October 15 dies academicus
October 22 Dirk Kreimer Co-actions from Cubical Chain Complexes
October 29 Roman Zwicky (Edinburgh) On RG-flow Theorems in d=4.
November 12 Karen Yeats (U.Waterloo & HU) Some computational results on the c_2 invariant.
November 13 QFT-Kolloquium: Prof. Dr. Niklas Beisert (ETH Zuerich) Yangian Symmetry and Integrability of Planar N=4 SYM
November 19 John Gracey (U.Liverpool & HU) Focus on fixed points and emergent symmetries in scalar, fermion and gauge
December 03 David Prinz (HU) Gauge Symmetries and Renormalization
December 10 Nima Moshayedi (U.Zuerich) The modified differential Quantum Master Equation
December 17 Erik Panzer (Oxford) Solution of phi^4 theory on the 2-dimensional Moyal plane
January 08 QFT-Kolloquium: Prof. Dr. Lance Dixon (SLAC) Bootstrapping Amplitudes in Planar N=4 Super-Yang-Mills Theory
January 14 Kurusch Ebrahimi-Fard (NTNU, Norway) Relations between monotone, boolean and free cumulants
January 28 Michael Borinsky (NIKHEF) The Euler characteristic of outer space
February 04 Loic Foissy (U.Littoral Cote d’Opale) tba
February 05 QFT-Kolloquium: Prof. Dr. Karen Yeats (Waterloo) tba
February 11 Julian Purkart (HU) postponed to summer 2019
Summer 2018
April 16 dies academicus
April 23 David Broadhurst (Open U.) Periods and quasi-periods in QFT
April 30 Conference LL 2018
May 07 defense Olof Ahlen – IRIS, R. 2.07 tba
May 14 Pierre Clavier (U.Potsdam) Resurgence theory and mass generation
May 21 tba public holiday
May 28 Marcel Golz tba
June 04 Les Houches Houches QFT school
June 11 Les Houches Houches QFT school
June 18 Experiences Les Houches Workshop tba
June 25 Konrad Schultka (HU) Toric Varieties and Feynman Graphs
July 02 Kay Schoenewald (DESY) 3-loop corrections to deep inelastic scattering with two different
July 09 Dirk Kreimer tba
Winter 2017/18
October 16 dies academicus
October 23 Zeuthen KMPB conference Elliptic Integrals, Elliptic Functions and Modular Forms in Quantum Field Theory
November 06 Iain Crump (SFU&Waterloo U.) Connections between the EGP and the c2 invariant
November 13 Marko Berghoff (HU) Feynman amplitudes on moduli spaces of graphs
November 20 Christian Bogner (HU) The analytic continuation of the sunrise and the kite integral
November 27 Michael Borinsky (HU) > Hopf algebras and factorial divergent power series: Algebraic tools for
graphical enumeration
December 04 Johannes Thuerigen (HU) Critical behaviour of Tensor models
December 11 Valentina Forini (City Univ. London) Superstring worldsheet beyond perturbation theory
December 18 Erik Panzer (All Souls College, Oxford) Counting master integrals with parametric annihilators
December 19 KMPB Day



ZGW 6, IRIS R. 2.21
Viktor Levandovskyy (RWTH Aachen): Annihilator of f^s: theory and computation
Yang Zhang (ETH Zuerich): Module intersection method and Feynman integral reduction
Mikhail Kalmykov (Hamburg): Hypergeometric functions and massive Feynman diagrams.
January 15 David Jarossay (Geneva) p-adic multiple zeta values and pro-unipotent harmonic actions
January 22 Daniela Cadamuro (TUM) Lower bounds for the energy density in quantum integrable models
January 29 Yang Zhang (ETH Zuerich) Cristal: A new efficient integration-by-parts (IBP) program based on module intersection
February 05 Dirk Kreimer (HU) Multi-valued Feynman Graphs
February 12 Johannes Bluemlein (Desy Zeuthen Theory) Elliptic Integrals in Higher Loop Calculations
– from IBPs to \eta-weighted elliptic polylogarithms
Summer 2017
April 24 Franz Herzog (NIKHEF) The R*-operation for generic euclidean Feynman graphs
April 25 (!) Franz Herzog (NIKHEF) The 5-loop beta function in QCD
May 08 Dirk Kreimer (RUD25 1’327) Remainder terms
May 15 Marko Berghoff Amplitudes on the moduli space of graphs
May 22 Henry Kissler QED at higher dimensions
May 29 Karen Yeats (U.Waterloo, Canada) The c_2 invariant at p=2 graphically
June 12 Ralph Kaufmann (Purdue U.) Feynman categories and moduli: decorated, derived and cubical
June 15 !!
RUD25, 1.315
4 pm !!
Noriko Yui (Queen’s Univ., Canada & MPIM, Bonn) Modularity/Automorphy of certain Calabi–Yau Varieties of CM type
June 26 Astrid Eichhorn (Heidelberg) The status of asymptotic safety for quantum gravity
July 03 KMPB day Oliver Schnetz (FAU Erlangen-Nuernberg), Karen Yeats (U.Waterloo & HU), Ralph Kaufmann (Purdue & HU)
July 10
IRIS, 2.21 !
KMPB conference Higgs Bundles, K3 Surfaces and Moduli
July 17 Claire Glanois An eye on Modular forms and Periods
Winter 2016/17
October 31. Dirk Kreimer Remarks on Cutkosky rules and Field Diffeomorphisms
November 07. no seminar Professorium Physik
November 14 Henry Kissler On gauge dependence
November 21. Michael Borinsky Asymptotic growth of periods
November 28. Marcel Golz Simplifying the parametric Feynman integral in QED
Dec 05. Marko Berghoff On Outer Space
December 12 Luise Adams (Mainz U.) The sunrise and the kite integral in terms of an elliptic generalisation of the multiple polylogarithms
December 15 (special seminar RUD25) Dmitry Doryn (IBS-CGP, Pohang) Differential models for B-type open-closed topological
Landau-Ginzburg theories
January 09 Matteo Rosso (HUB) Yangian invariance of N=4 super-Yang-Mills and ABJM
January 16 IMPRS Lecture Day AEI
January 30 Thomas Willwacher (ETH Zuerich) Graph complexes and configuration spaces: an overview
February 20. KMPB Day Martin Gonzalez:
Axel Kleinschmidt:
Federico Zerbini:
Summer 2016
April 18. 14.30 Dirk Kreimer Field Diffeomorphisms and Green’s functions
April 25. ..
May 02. Karen Yeats (SFU) Field diffeomorphisms and Bell polynomials.
May 10. Nils Matthes (KMPB) Elliptic double zeta values and the Fay-shuffle space
May 19. Nils Matthes (KMPB) The motivic coaction for elliptic multiple zeta values
May 30. Franz Herzog (NIKHEF) Soft Expansion by Region and Higgs Production
June 13 Erik Panzer Oxford The Hepp bound – a rational period
June 20 KMPB day Michael Borinsky : Factorially divergent expansions from a QFT perspective
Oliver Schnetz : Numbers and Functions in Quantum Field Theory
Christian Bogner : Multiple and elliptic polylogarithms for Feynman integrals
July 04 Sophia Borowka Zuerich Univ. Numerical evaluation of multi-loop integrals in Higgs boson pair production
July 11 Kurusch Ebrahimi Fard ICMAT A diagrammatic description of planar functional calculus
July tba. Dmitry Doryn The c_2 invariants of 4-regular graphs.
July 18. ECM Congress in Berlin ..
Winter 2015/16
October 19. Dirk Kreimer ..
October 26. Nguyen Viet Dang Lille Complex powers of analytic functions and renormalization in QFT
November 02. Pierre Cartier IHES p-adic multizeta values (according to David Jarossay)
November 09. David Broadhurst Open Univ. Modular periods from determinants of Feynman integrals
November 16. Johannes Brödel HU Berlin Elliptic multiple zeta values and a special derivation algebra
November 23. Anton Mellit Trieste A proof of the shuffle conjecture
November 30. Erik Panzer All Souls College/ Oxford The parity theorem for multiple polylogarithms
December 07. Joachim Kock Barcelona Polynomial functors and combinatorial Dyson–Schwinger equations
December 14. Ines Aniceto Krakau Resurgence and Asymptotics in Quantum Theories: Beyond Perturbation Theory
January 11., 2016 Oliver Schnetz Erlangen Dimreg phi^4 with graphical functions
January 18., 2016 John Gracey Liverpool Higher dimensional gauge theories
January 25., 2016 Lorenzo Tancredi Karlsruhe The role of the space-time dimensions in simplifying systems of differential equations
for Feynman Integrals.
April 20. Dirk Kreimer Cutkosky rules and outer space
April 27. Nils Matthes Univ Hamburg Elliptic analogues of multiple zeta values
May 11. Olaf Kruger MPI Golm Filtrations in Dyson-Schwinger equations: Next-to^{j}-leading log expansions systematically
May 18. Dmitry Doryn MPI Mathematik Bonn Some remarks on motivic denominator reduction
June 8. Ralph Kaufmann Purdue Hopf algebras from co-operad structures and Feynman categories and their relation to Tannakian categories
June 15. Francis Brown Oxford Univ. Irrationality proofs for zeta values and dinner parties
Fri June 26.
11 am
Oliver Schnetz Univ. Erlangen The Galois coaction and the structure of phi4 periods
June 29. Mikhail Kalmykov Hamburg Evaluation of Feynman Diagrams via hypergeometric functions representation
Tue. July 7 SFB 647 Seminar: Ralph Kaufmann Purdue
Francis Brown IHES/Oxford
Feynman categories

From amplitudes to representations

Wed July 8
11 am
Iain Crump SFU Burnaby An invariant from incidence matrix permanents
July 13. Reimar Wulkenhaar Univ. Münster A solvable quantum field theory in 4 dimensions
Wed July 15
1 pm room 3.007
Clermont Dupont MPI Bonn Purity for Brown’s moduli spaces, and the Gravity operad
Winter 2014/15
Nov 03 Roberta Iseppi Radboud University Nijmegen The BV Formalism in the setting of Noncommutative Geometry: application to
a U(2)-gauge invariant matrix model
Nov 10 David Broadhurst Open Univ. Polylogarithms of sixth roots of unity in quantum field theory
Nov 17 Pierre Clavier Jussieu Singularities and zetas in a Schwinger-Dyson equation
Nov 24 Piotr Tourkine DAMTP Cambridge Tropical Amplitudes
Dec 01 Pierre Cartier IHES Motivic Periods
Dec 08 Costas Papadopoulos NCSR “Demokritos” Athen Two-loop Master Integrals with the Simplified Differential Equations approach
Dec 15 Markus Hihn HUB ..
Jan 12 Jacelyn Bell University of Liverpool Vertex functions in QCD – a practical approach
Jan 19 Joseph Ben Geloun MPI Potsdam On the dimensional regularization and renormalization of
rank=2 and 3 tensor models
Jan 26 Daniela Egas Univ. Bonn Comparing combinatorial Models of the Moduli space of Riemann surfaces
Jan 27, 2 pm Norman Sieroka ETH Zuerich Gauge Principle and Holography — Two contemporary concepts and their
prehistory and philosophical background in the work of Hermann Weyl
Feb 09 Ulf Kühn Hamburg Multiple Eisenstein series and a new class of multiple q-zeta values

PhD student seminar on Campus Leben (organizer: Dirk Kreimer)
Every other Thursday, 13.00 st
Bernstein Center, Haus 6, Philippstr. 13 (Zoom, at present)

Summer 2014
April 07 Andreas Windisch
Non-perturbative properties of Landau gauge QCD correlation functions at vanishing and non-vanishing chemical potential
April 15 Alexander Alexandrov
Matrix Models: a universal tool of mathematical physics
May 05 Isabella Bierenbaum
From Loops to Trees via the Duality Method
May 12 David Broadhurst
open U.
Algebraic geometry informs quantum field theory
May 19 Gerald Dunne
Resurgent Trans-series from Uniform WKB
May 26 Ralph Kaufmann
Feynman, Hopf, Rota and Baxter.
June 02 Andreas von Manteuffel
Feynman integrals for ZZ production at NNLO
June 23 Frederic Fauvet
Resurgence monomials
June 30 Burkhard Eden
HU Berlin
Constructing six-point NMHV correlators and amplitudes in N=4 SYM
July 07 Francis Brown
July 14 Oliver Schnetz
Phi^4 periods with 6th roots of unity
Winter 2013/14
Oct. 28. Dirk Kreimer
HU Berlin
Remarks on Cutkosky rules
Nov. 04. Lutz Klaczynski
HU Berlin
Avoidance of a Landau pole by flat contributions in QED
Nov. 11. Oliver Schnetz
Erlangen / Berlin
Nov. 18. Dhritiman Nandan
HU Berlin
Nov. 25. Lionel Mason
The holomorphic Wilson-loop: dlog forms of loop integrands and their evaluation
Dec. 02. Susama Agarwala
Dihedral symmetries of multiple polylogarithms: polygons and symbols
Dec. 09. Jean Alexandre
Kings College
Lorentz-symmetry violation and dynamical mass generation
Jan. 13. Christian Bogner
HU Berlin
Multiple polylogarithms and Feynman integrals
Jan. 20. Clemens Raab
DESY Zeuthen
Nested (inverse) binomial sums and new iterated integrals for massive Feynman diagrams
Jan. 27. Pierre Vanhove
the physics and arithmetics of the banana graphs in two dimensions
Feb.03. Kasper Larsen
From Trees to Two Loops by Maximal Unitarity
Feb. 13. Pierre Clavier tba
Summer 2013
April 22. Dirk Kreimer
On Parametric Representations
April 29. Clement Dupont
IMJ (Jussieu)
Galois theory of periods and combinatorial Hopf algebras
May 13. Claire Glanois
IMJ (Jussieu)
Motivic MZVs at Nth roots of unity
May 27. Fabian Wissbrock
DESY (Zeuthen)
Heavy flavor contributions to DIS at $O(\alpha_s^3)$: Diagrams with Two masses and nested topologies
June 03 David Broadhurst
Open University
Polylogarithms from Schlaefli to Schwinger
June 17 Marc Bellon
LPTHE Jussieu
Solving Schwinger-Dyson equations: a door to the high orders of perturbation theory
June 24 Francis Brown
IMJ (Jussieu)
On associators
June 26
2 pm
John Gracey
Exploring the Wess-Zumino model at high loops
June 26
3 pm
Ralph Kaufmann
Purdue Univ.
Feynman categories and new perspective on Hopf algebras
July 01 Karen Yeats
SFU Burnaby
May 27 2021 10am: Paul Balduf Linear Dyson-Schwinger-Equations in minimal subtraction
May 27 2021 11am: Jens Lücke Motic graphs and the Hopf algebra of R*
June 10 2021 10am: Mattia Bocchi Exceptional Field Theory – an Overview of Theory and Applications
June 10 2021 11am: Michele Galli Exceptional Field Theory – an Overview of Theory and Applications
June 17 2021 10am: André Kaderli Elliptic multiple polylogarithms in open string theory
July 01 2021 10am: Max Mühlbauer On Cutkosky’s Theorem
July 01 2021 5pm: Nick Olson Harris Groups of formal power series and the renormalization group equation
July 08 2021 postponed to fall TBA
July 08 2021 11am: tbd TBA
Feb 11 2021 10am: Jasper Roosmale Nepveu Operator Bases and Renormalisation in Scalar Effective Field Theory
Feb 11 2021 11am: Paul Balduf tba
Jan 09 Rene Klausen GKZ hypergeometric systems and their relation to Feynman integrals
May 14 Max Muehlbauer tbd
May 28 David Prinz tbd
June 11 Paul Balduf tbd
June 25 Rene Klausen tbd
February 14 Nick Olson-Harris (Waterloo) Equality of skew Schur functions
February 28 Lucas Nabergall (Waterloo) Generalized chord diagram expansions
March 14 Ali Mahmoud (Waterloo) On diffeomorphisms and tree level amplitudes
April 11 Paul Balduf (HU) Perturbation theory of transformed quantum fields
May 23 David Prinz (HU) Gauge Symmetries and Ward Identities in Quantum General Relativity
June 20 Matija Tapuskovic (Oxford U.) Motivic Galois coaction on motivic Feynman integrals
July 04 Lucia Rotheray (TU Dresden) tba
Oct 17 Lucas Harlan The f-Vectors of the One Loop Moduli Spaces of Gluon Graphs
Nov 28 Henry Kissler more cancellations and enormous zeros
November 08 Sam Yusim (Waterloo)
November 22 William Dugan (Waterloo) Sequences of Trees and Higher-Order Renormalization Group Equations
December 06 Saoirse Amarteifio (Imperial College) Applying the machinery of perturbative quantum field theory to spatial Markov processes

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