Kolleg Mathematik Physik Berlin

Interdisciplinary Center for Research in Mathematical Physics

About the Kolleg Mathematik Physik Berlin

The Kolleg Mathematik Physik Berlin is an interdisciplinary center at Humboldt University Berlin. Its community of research groups shares a mutual interest in Mathematics and Physics. Quantum field theory is their unifying theme, which connects to algebraic geometry, number theory and differential geometry in mathematics, as well as to research in particle physics, gravitation and string theory in physics.


Since the advent of the SFB 647 Space-Time-Matter, founded through enormous efforts by Jochen Bruening there has been common scientific interest in the Berlin area in interdisciplinary research between mathematics and physics.

This was recognized in the creation of a bridge professorship between the two disciplines for Matthias Staudacher, and boosted by the arrival of Alexander von Humboldt Professor Dirk Kreimer in the area.


Together, the groups of Johannes Bluemlein, Francis Brown (a regular guest professor here), Hélène Esnault, Gavril Farkas, Dirk Kreimer, Klaus Mohnke, Hermann Nicolai, Jan Plefka, Matthias Staudacher, Peter Uwer, Chris Wendl and Agostino Patella form a union of scientists with a common interest in the mathematical structures and foundations of quantum field theory and quantum gravity and its relations in particular to arithmetic and algebraic geometry, under the roof of the KMPB (Kolleg Mathematik Physik in the Berlin area).


It is our hope to attract students into research in this exciting area for example through the resources of the Berlin Mathematical School, to attract the best students and postdocs to work with the participating groups, and to create an exciting long term visitor program, providing ressources for longer or sabbatical visits to the area.

Similar resources are provided by the International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) for Mathematical and Physical Aspects of Gravitation, Cosmology and Quantum Field Theory.


Through the KMPB, we have a platform to exhibit seminars, events, guests and publications of mutual interest, will advertise courses of scientific relevance and organize joint meetings.

Supported in its early phase through HU and the resources of Dirk Kreimer's Alexander von Humboldt professorship, we expect to become an international visible platform for interdisciplinary research in quantum field theory in the long run.