General LInear Methods for Differential Algebraic equations

Glimda is a solver for nonlinear index-2 DAEs f(q’(x,t), x(t), t) = 0, where the leading term is assumed to be properly stated. Methods with order 1≤p=q≤3 are used. The code was developed using Fortran while working on my PhD thesis General linear methods for integrated circuit design.

2006-02-27   Glimda 0.1 (156K)
This is a first experimental test version that still needs some improvements. In particular, there is a need for an improved order 3 method as well as for sparse linear algebra routines.
2006-04-24   Glimda 0.11 (156K)
This version contains two minor bugfixes related to using the INTEL Fortran compiler.
2007-06-11   Glimda has been added to the Demonstrator Platform developed within the Comson Research Network.
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