Workshop on Contact Geometry in Dimension Three and Higher

28 July - 1 August, 2014
University College London

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The purpose of this workshop will be to bring together researchers and students working in contact geometry and related areas in symplectic topology, including topics such as pseudoholomorphic curves, h-principles, confoliations, symplectic dynamics, mapping class groups, and Stein manifolds. While the majority of global results about contact manifolds known thus far are specific to dimension three, recent years have also seen considerable progress in higher-dimensional contact topology, and this workshop specifically aims at introducing high-dimensional techniques to participants who might be more familiar with low dimensions, or vice versa. The programme will be a mixture of ordinary research talks with more in-depth minicourses on topics of recent interest.

Funding is provided by grants from EPSRC, the ESF CAST network, the London Mathematical Society and the National Science Foundation.


Speakers (research talks)


All participants are required to register in advance by following this link to the registration page and clicking the button labelled "Book Event" at the right. (You will have to create an account on the UCL Online Store in order to proceed.) Please note that most fields on the registration form are required, so for fields that are not relevant to you, the system will need you to indicate this by typing "n/a".

The deadline for participants applying for financial support was in mid-April; there is now a waiting list for funding, so participants registering now should assume they will have to provide their own funding.

The absolute registration deadline is 13 July.

Organising committee

Kai Cieliebak, John Etnyre, Jonny Evans, Patrick Massot, Chris Wendl

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Detailed programme

Practical information

List of participants

For more information, contact Chris Wendl by sending e-mail to c dot wendl at ucl dot ac dot uk

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