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Main lectures

Francis Brown (CNRS Paris)
Multiple zeta values from algebraic geometry to physics
(show abstract [here])

José Burgos (ICMAT Madrid)
Multiple zeta values, polylogarithms and elliptic curves
(show abstract [here])

Dirk Kreimer (HU Berlin)
From the structure of renormalizable quantum fields to periods of Feynman graphs
(show abstract [here])

Oliver Schnetz (U Erlangen-Nürnberg)
Multiple zeta values and single-valued multiple polylogarithms
(show abstract [here])

Talks by docs/postdocs

Dzmitry Doryn (HU Berlin)
Multiple zeta values and graph hypersurfaces
(show abstract [here])

Clément Dupont (Paris 6)
Periods of hyperplane arrangements and their motivic Galois theory
(show abstract [here])

Erik Panzer (HU Berlin) [PDF]
Relations among multiple zeta values
(show abstract [here])