This page is for my minicourse on "Contact 3-manifolds, holomorphic curves and intersection theory" at the LMS Short Course "Topology in Low Dimensions" at Durham University, 26 - 30 August, 2013.

Lecture notes
Update (3/2020): An expanded version of the lecture notes from this minicourse has now been published as a book in Cambridge University Press.
Update (6/2017): A new revision of the lecture notes has just been uploaded to the arXiv (arXiv:1706.05540), so it is officially no longer considered a "preliminary version".
Update (10/09/2013): Complete preliminary draft including all lectures and appendices now uploaded; total is 77 pages.
Update (29/08/2013): Lecture 4 is also now complete, only Lecture 5 is still missing; total is 63 pages.
Update (29/08/2013): Lecture 3 now complete, total is 53 pages.
Update (28/08/2013): Appendix A.2 now complete, minor revisions elsewhere, total is 41 pages.
First upload (27/08/2013): 35 pages so far. Lectures 1 and 2, and Appendices A.1 and B are complete.

Slides from lectures (best viewed in full screen mode):
Lecture 1
Lecture 2
Lecture 3
Lecture 5
Note: these slides do not cover the entirety of any lecture, only the background material. See the lecture notes for the rest. There were no slides for Lecture 4.

Exercise sheet 1
Exercise sheet 2
Exercise sheet 3