Publications and Preprints

This list may be incomplete and outdated. Please check the personal webpages for completion.


  • Angela Ortega (with H. Lange), The Prym map of degree-7 cyclic coverings, arXiv:1501.07511
  • Gavril Farkas (with N. Tarasca), Pointed Castelnuovo numbers , arxiv:1501.04882.
  • Remke Kloosterman Chevalley-Weil formula for hypersurfaces in Pn-bundles over curves and Mordell-Weil ranks in function field towers arXiv:1501.05184.


  • Gavril Farkas and Michael Kemeny The generic Green-Lazarsfeld secant conjecture, arXiv:1408.4164.
  • Gavril Farkas (with A. Verra) The universal abelian variety over A5, arXiv:1402.0539.
  • Gavril Farkas (with A. Verra) The geometry of the moduli space of odd spin curves, arXiv:1004.0278, to appear in Annals of Mathematics 180 (2014), 927-970.
  • Gavril Farkas and Angela Ortega (with Marian Aprodu) Restricted Lazarsfeld-Mukai bundles and canonical curves, arXiv:1410.0857, to appear in Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics (Math. Soc. Japan) on the occasion of Mukai's 60th birthday.
  • Remke Kloosterman Noether-Lefschetz theorem for hypersurface sections of singular threefolds, arXiv:1403.3609.



  • Gavril Farkas (with Dawei Chen and Ian Morrison), Effective divisors on moduli spaces of curves, arXiv:1205.6138, to appear in the proceedings of "A Celebration of Algebraic Geometry" (ed. Brendan Hassett, James McKernan, Jason Starr, and Ravi Vakil).
  • Gavril Farkas, Theta characteristics and their moduli, arXiv:1201.2557, to appear in the Milan Journal of Mathematics.
  • Gavril Farkas (with Alessandro Chiodo), Singularities of the moduli space of level curves, arXiv:1205.0201.
  • Gavril Farkas (with Alessandro Chiodo, David Eisenbud, and Frank-Olaf Schreyer), Syzygies of torsion bundles and the geometry of the level l modular variety over Mg, arXiv:1205.0661.
  • Paul Larsen, Notes on Fano varieties of complete intersections, arXiv:1211.6249.
  • Paul Larsen, Complete intersections and movable curves on the moduli space of six-pointed rational curves, to appear in the International Journal of Algebra and Computation, arXiv:1203.4686.
  • Cristina Manolache (with Tom Coates, Amin Gholampour, Hiroshi Iritani, Yunfeng Jiang, and Paul Johnson), The Quantum Lefschetz Hyperplane Principle Can Fail for Positive Orbifold Hypersurfaces, arXiv:1202.2754.
  • Fabian Müller, The pullback of a theta divisor to M_{g,n}, arXiv:1203.3102.
  • Angela Ortega, The Brill-Noether curve and Prym-Tyurin varieties, arXiv:1203.2780.
  • Nicola Tarasca, Brill-Noether loci in codimension two, arXiv:1201.4948.



  • Michele Bolognesi (with Sonia Brivio), Modular subvarieties and birational geometry of SU_C(r), to appear in International Journal of Mathematics(arXiv:1002.4382).
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  • Gavril Farkas (with Alessandro Verra), The universal theta divisor over the moduli space of curves, arXiv:1009.0184.
  • Gavril Farkas (with Alessandro Verra), The classification of universal Jacobians over the moduli space of curves,to appear in Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici(2012)(dvi, pdf).
  • Gavril Farkas and Angela Ortega, The maximal rank conjecture and rank two Brill-Noether theory, Pure and Applied Mathematics Quarterly 7 (2011), 1265-1296,Special volume dedicated to the memory ofE. Viehweg(dvi, pdf).
  • Margherita Lelli-Chiesa, The Gieseker-Petri divisor in M_g for genusless or equal than 13, to appear in Geometriae Dedicata(arXiv:1012.3061).
  • Remke Kloosterman, The average rank of elliptic n-folds,to appear in Indiana University MathematicsJournal(arXiv:1010.0152).
  • Cristina Manolache, Virtual push-forwards, to appear in Geometry and Topology, arXiv:1010.2704.
  • Angela Ortega (with Herbert Lange), Prym varieties of triple coverings, Int. Math. Res. Not. no. 22, 5045-5075 (2011).



  • Gavril Farkas, Higher ramification and varieties of secant divisors on the generic curve, Journalof the London Mathematical Society 78 (2008), 418-440(dvi, pdf).
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  • Remke Kloosterman, The elliptic threefold y2=x3+16s6+16t6-32(t3s3+t3+s3)+16to appear in Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics (arXiv:0812.3222)
  • Remke Kloosterman, On the classification of degree 1 elliptic threefolds with constant appear in Illinois Journal of Mathematics(arXiv:0812.3014).
  • Remke Kloosterman (with K. Hulek), Calculating theMordell-Weil rank of elliptic threefolds and the cohomology ofsingular hypersurfaces, to appear in Annales de l'Institut Fourier(arXiv:0806.2025).
  • Cristina Manolache, Virtual pull-backs, to appear in Journal of Algebraic Geometry (2012)(arXiv:0805.2065v2).