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The links below marked "pdf" and "ps" allow you to download the same preprint versions that are also available in the arXiv. Links to online published versions are also given where available; in most cases these lead to pages with abstracts (publicly available) and downloadable PDF files (available only to subscribers). If you're not viewing from a university or library that has subscriptions to the relevant journals, you'll be offered the opportunity to pay an exhorbitant price for access to the published articles; please do not do that. Instead, feel free to write me a quick e-mail (my surname at math dot hu dash berlin dot de) and I'll be happy to send you PDF versions of any of the published articles. I was tempted to post them all on this page, but I have trouble understanding precisely whether that's legal, so I'm erring on the side of caution.


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For some of the talks below, a choice is offered between the "full" and "basic" version. This usually means that the "full" version is the actual file I used in the talk, including some "moving images" of a very primitive type... these can be illuminating, but if you'd rather do without them and just read the content, that's what the "basic" version is for. Back to Chris Wendl's home page